Soft Commodities

"Soft Commodities" also known as "softs" or "agricultural commodities" is a general term, which refers to commodities that are grown or cultivated. Soft commodities such as coffee, sugar and wheat have been traded for centuries. Nowadays, the price of agricultural commodities are usually deriving from the market supply and demand. Trading soft commodities relies on the following factors: emerging markets demand; supply; weather; substitution and the USD. Commodity trading is the financial instrument that allows you to trade on price changes of economic goods or services, while offering various investment opportunities for traders. Trademote gives you access to major commodities traded across the trading world, with advantageous conditions, enabling risk mitigation.

  • Spreads starting from 5.4 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Minimal commission
  • Risk mitigation


Instrument Units in 1 lot Spread (in pips) Leverage Swap
Coffee 10 12 1:100 0.0694%/0.0417%
Sugar 100 5.4 1:100 0.0694%/0.0417%
Wheat 5 20 1:100 0.0694%/0.0417%
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