ForexPro Platform

The online experience

Using ForexPro Platform online gives flexibility to our customers, either in Hedging or Aggregating Mode. Our ForexPro Platform provides an all-inclusive approach to the Financial Industry. With an easy-to-use navigation, the online trading platform offers multiple trading tools and features that enable you to adjust the platform to your way of trading. Choosing from a wide range of trading instruments allows you to diversify your portfolio and spread the risk along multiple asset classes. The numerous charting options, zoom levels, chart time-frames and line-drawing tools give you the option to analyse the assets you want to focus on, and assist you in placing trades. Traders have access to the trading platform through the website of Trademote, either on mobile, tablet or computer, enabling our customers to trade wherever they are, by simply logging in.

ForexPro Platform Specifications

  • Trade with more than 200 assets
  • Hedging or Aggregating Modes
  • Dedicated platform introductory Ebook
  • Advanced charting and indicators
  • Accessible from multiple devices
  • One-click Trading
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