For all of the orders executed on our trading platforms, the company quotes two prices. The higher price, usually referred to as Ask, and the lower price, which is referred to as Bid. Together those two prices are considered the company’s pricing. The difference between Bid and Ask prices at any given instrument is called the Spread. Spread tightens/widens according to market conditions. On news announcements spread gets wider due to higher volatility. Trademote offers Raw spread and Spread only accounts, in order to ensure that clients can trade under the most favourable conditions, according to their needs.   Our raw spreads come directly from the Market without any markup, to ensure the tightest possible spread, making sure that customers have the most favourable trading conditions. When trading with raw spreads, a small commission fee is applied on the opening and closing of each trade. By trading on Spread Only Accounts a mark-up spread is applied without any additional commission fees.

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