Social Trading

Trademote provides the best copy trading platform, which allows you to identify, follow and copy the most successful forex traders. We aim to provide as many tools as possible to our members in order to become both knowledgeable and successful traders on their own, but also contribute their knowledge and skills to other traders. Social Trading tool allows investors to replicate another trader’s operations and investment activities automatically. This tool can be used from all types of traders; either with minimum or no experience in the financial industry. Once a successful trader is identified and you like their trading strategy, you can start following them and copy their forex trades for free.

Benefits of Social Trading

Portfolio diversification:

Diversification helps minimise risk levels when trading as potential copiers can spread out their investment across various markets by copying different traders at the same time. Some traders are specialized in certain asset classes, such as commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies etc., while others mastering in a specific geographical market such as US or Germany. Through our sophisticated Copy Trading service, members can invest their funds into markets they wouldn't enter on their own. Giving an example, if a trader wishes to allocate their capital to the US market, they can follow and copy a successful trader who specialises on that market rather than going into the process to learn and study a new market.

Little to no knowledge required:

Trademote’s Copy Trading software requires little to no trading knowledge. Potential copiers who are not very confident or knowledgeable in the Forex market are able to learn from experienced traders. Thus, the members can trade and start benefiting from the social trading tool, without having advanced knowledge.


At Trademote, we aim to make the Social Trading as transparent as possible. All members who wish to use this tool can view and review the traders’ portfolio that they want to copy. Traders’ profiles include important information such as success/ fail ratio and trading history, in order to help potential copiers review their profiles and make smart copy trading decisions.

Time Saver:

Social trading allows traders to mirror another trader’s operations and investment activities automatically. Traders who do not wish to spend a lot of time actively trading, this tool can be ideal as they there is no need to make research about the market or follow the market all the time.

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